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Homeowners Insurance: Are you under-insured?

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13 September 2016

South African homeowners are traditionally underinsured and it only gets worse during tough economic times. As consumers struggle with debt and the rising cost of living, insurance expenditure is often the first expense to be cut in household budgets. However, this decision may cause more financial trouble should the unforeseeable occur.

Underinsurance is seen to occur when the insurance policy you have purchased to cover your property and personal belongings, is not sufficient to replace same if damaged, lost or stolen. And this can typically occur when people try to cut back on monthly insurance expenditure by underinsuring their goods. In other circumstances, underinsurance can arise by not regularly updating and revaluing their policies and inventory lists. And with the devaluing of the Rand, this exercise becomes even more important.

Either way, sadly many folk only realise the consequences of inadequate insurance when they submit a claim and discover that their insurance will not cover the full cost of replacing whatever has been lost, stolen or damaged.

4 Home Insurance Tips:

  1. Speak to one of our brokers on the best possible coverage that will best suit your needs, without blowing your budget.
  2. Keep track of any renovations you have done to your home and remember to get this revaluated by a professional, as the cost of rebuilding your home is invariably not the same as its real estate value. Additions and home improvements naturally increase the market value of the property, thus affecting the insured value.
  3. One also needs to be aware that the value of your property is constantly changing. To avoid being underinsured, Frontline encourages clients to undertake regular policy reviews with their brokers.
  4. We would further like to encourage homeowners to complete a yearly insurance review, this is ideally done around renewal time.

Frontline’s Personal Insurance offers a continuous and consistent evaluation of our product against our clients’ needs, which has led to a new, improved Personal Protector Policy. Our business practices are devoted to continuing to build long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients, by providing them with customised insurance packages to cater for their unique needs. We constantly strive to attain our virtue of "Making a Difference by Being Different”.

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