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15 November 2017

weather alert in the eastern cape issued by the weather service listing high risk areas for flooding and snowfall

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Homeowners Insurance: Are you under-insured?
13 September 2016

South African homeowners are traditionally underinsured and it only gets worse during tough economic times. As consumers struggle with debt and the rising cost of living, insurance expenditure is often the first expense to be cut in household budgets.

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Why Every Business Should Invest in Commercial Assist
11 August 2016

At Frontline Underwriting Managers, we understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Commercial Assist product to help safeguard both small and large businesses.

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Get Home Safe with Frontline
10 May 2016

The idea is always so simple, to never drink and drive; yet it is seen to be one of the largest threats to road safety in South Africa. Research from Arrive Alive indicates that 50% of people who die on the roads have a blood alcohol concentration above 0.05grams per 100 milliliters.

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Reap the Benefits from Frontline Assist
11 April 2016

Frontline Underwriting Managers constantly strive to give our clients the best in insurance – which is why we have a hugely beneficial and inexpensive product to add to your policy.

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The Importance of Personal Insurance
09 March 2016

Last month, with it being the month of love, we wanted you and your loved one to give a charity of your choice some love instead of spoiling each other. This month, we want you to love yourself by making sure that you have Personal Insurance – or if you already have, making sure that it’s up-to-date.

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Love a Charity this Valentine’s Day
12 February 2016

As we approach Valentine’s Day in a couple of days’ time, we thought we would give you our unique approach to this month of love that is February.

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Surviving January
05 January 2016

The first month of the year is often the most difficult for many of us. Not only are the much anticipated summer holidays done and dusted, but after the festive season you are usually left with a deflated bank account or inflated credit card balance.

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Frontline’s Fun Cooking Evening for Charity
30 October 2015

Last month, Frontliners took part in a Ready Steady Cook cooking evening, hosted at the Pastryworks. It was a great success and we were able to raise money for Hannah's Arms, our charity of choice.

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Spring Clean your Insurance Policy
16 September 2015

After a long, cold winter, spring has finally arrived. This time of the year brings forth a feeling of change; for some it’s their yearly ritual of spring cleaning around the house – sorting through your cupboards and throwing out or donating unwanted items to the needy.

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